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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Algol - The Evil Bull

Have you defeat this boss animal, Algol in #GreatAnimalKaiser version 1 yet ? What's a good combination against this evil bull ? Share with us. 


Algol Demon Bull Figurine + Promo Card

You can get this boss animal card in #GreatAnimalKaiser version 2, Ultra Rare Algol (A041)

Ultra Rare Algol

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Monday, September 15, 2014

October Monthly Battle Tournament

Upcoming #GreatAnimalKaiser Tournament - 16 sessions of 16 players bracket.

Tournament Dates : 
11 Oct 2014 (Sat) - Whimsy @ IMM level 2, 2 Jurong East Street 21 S609601

18 Oct 2014 (Sat) - United Square Mall Basement, 101 Thomson Road S307591

25 Oct 2014 (Sat) - United Square Mall Basement, 101 Thomson Road S307591

1 Nov 2014 (Sat) - United Square Mall Basement, 101 Thomson Road S307591

Time : 11am, 1pm, 3pm, 5pm  for each of the dates above.

ID cards are allowed.

Prize :
Winner of each session get Champion Medal.

Registration Fee : $10 per entry.

Notes :
  • 2 players from each sessions will qualify for the champions tournament.


Animal Kaiser Champions Tournament

Date : 2 Nov2014 (Sun)

Time : 2pm

 Venue : United Square Shopping Mall, basement 1, Opposite MacDonald

Prizes : 
Champion of Champions - Exclusive Trophy, Great Animal Kaiser Bigger 2 Binder x 1
1st Runner up - Silver Medal, Great Animal Kaiser Deck Box x 1
2nd Runner up - Bronze MedalGreat Animal Kaiser Deck Box x 1
*subject to changes

Great Animal Kaiser Bigger 2 Binder

Terms & Conditions

- During the actual day of tournament, participants need to submit $10 to official.
- NRIC / Student ID or any form of identification document must be presented for verification of identity.
- Participants should turn up 30min earlier for the verification - Absentees or latecomers (10mins after commencement of Tournament) will be automatically disqualified and opponent scores a walkover.
- All participants’ cards will be checked by Tournament Officials before they can be scanned for use.
- Participants are not allowed to change their card combination throughout all the matches.
- Any participant who displays poor sportsmanship or undesirable behaviour such as use of vulgarities will be disqualified.
- Tournament Official’s decision on results is Final. Organizer reserves all rights to amend Terms & Conditions without prior notice.
- For enquiries, please email to us – or post your question on our fanpage –

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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Type of skills in Great Animal Kaiser

Great Animal Kaiser Types of Skills

There are 4 types of skills currently,

  1. Poison
  2. Vampire
  3. Kaiser Flash
  4. Devil Reborn
Which one is your favourite type ?

I would prefer vampire to suck health from my opponent.
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Monday, September 8, 2014

Items listing and usage

If you're using a #GreatAnimalKaiser ID card, you can obtain items from your game play.

Here's a listing of the 7 item types in Great Animal kaiser :

  1. Strength
  2. Health
  3. Miracle Power
  4. Experience
  5. Transform
  6. Seal
  7. Skill

GAK Strength Items

Miracle Power



Let you transform into Kaiser Icarus, Kaiser Blue, Algol or Kaiser Celeo




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Friday, September 5, 2014

Safari Birthday Party - Raghda Daughters

Animal theme birthday party for kids

Came across this animal theme birthday party for Raghda daughters. They adored animals and with their
mum's creativity and resources, it turn out to be a fun and amazing party. Plus a brilliant photographer, tasneem.

Looking for birthday party ideas ? They have bouncing castle, animal print face painting,  real pet animals such as rabbits, horse riding, python & turtles etc.

Imagine there's a Great Animal Kaiser machine there at the party, it would definitely adds more favours to the party !

#AnimalKaiser Party Packages

Source :
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Thursday, September 4, 2014

GAK ID card status check

check GAK ID card status
Now you can check your #GreatAnimalKaiser ID card information without going down to scan at a physical Great Animal kaiser machine.

What kind of info will be show ?
Screenshots to be upload ...
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Wednesday, September 3, 2014



Feature Card of the Day - Bolt, Panthera Tigris Altaica (wiki -

Card Type : Friend
Tribe : Fang
Focus : 2500
Defence : 3500

Boost 'G' gut attack to your fighter card in #GreatAnimalKaiser.

Support Skill
Great Roar
Hero Change

Bolt is actually a Siberian tiger living in far east of Russia.

How to draw a Siberian Tiger

Siberian Tiger


 First thing you want to do in this step is draw your guidelines. Make two perfect round circles, one on each side. This is going to be the head and back end.
how to draw a siberian tiger step 2


 Now, connect the two circles by sketching lines on the top and at the bottom of the the circle shapes. Right now your image should look like a pair of glasses and a smiley face.
how to draw a siberian tiger step 3


 What you do here is first start at the head. Sketch two triangle shapes on the corners of the head for the ears. Then move further down the face and sketch out the line art for the tigers jowls, and bottom half of the mouth. An easy way to do this is draw a big "U" shape for the lower part of the jaw, and a wide "W" for the top part of the mouth. Move down under and sketch out the tigers front leg, if you look at it closely, it has the appearance of a human bone. Stroll onto the back part of the sketch and draw part of the lining for hind leg.
how to draw a siberian tiger step 4


 Stay focused on the face of the tiger and lightly sketch a straight, slightly curved line down the middle of the head which branches out to the eyes of the tiger. Move a little ways down and sketch in the nose. After the top half of the drawing is done, move down to complete the second leg of the tiger. Step back a little and finish sketching out the hind legs. The hind leg facing forward has a step to it, so make sure you draw it on an angle.
how to draw a siberian tiger step 5


 Sketch some much needed definition in the head by fluffing it up with fur all around the face. Define the tigers face while you are adding the fluff. Move down to the bottom of the sketch and sketch out the toes and the ankle bone on the back inner leg. After you get this part finished proceed on.
how to draw a siberian tiger step 6


 Sketching in some more definition is key in this step of the drawing. Here is were you will add the whiskers and actual eyeballs of the tiger. draw the shoulder bone definition above the front leg and fluff up the body of the cat some more with fur.
how to draw a siberian tiger step 7


 That is it you did it. Your sketch should look like or resemble this when you are done. You only have to color the image in if you want of leave it as a sketch. My sketch of the tiger is not colored in my sketch pad, I left it the way it is because it has more life looking like that. I will see you another time people, peace

How to draw a tiger, cute version


 Start by making a big circle for the head and then sketch in some facial guidelines.
how to draw an anime tiger step 2


 You will now draw out the actual shape and structure of the tiger's head and or face shape. Be sure that the lining is done to make some fluffy layers on the cheeks and top of the head. Draw the ears out in a nice rounded manner.
how to draw an anime tiger step 3


 Using the face guides, draw in the shapes of the big eyes like so, then make the brows, nose and mouth. You will also need to make a chin as well as some stripes coming down the face near the cheeks and chin area. Color them in solid, and sketch some whiskers.
how to draw an anime tiger step 4


 You will now focus on getting the body drawn out. Anime animals can have simple formed bodies if they are drawn in a certain way. As you can see all you have to do is make the width of the body by drawing the sides starting from under the jaw, then draw the back feet as well as the cute toes. You will then draw the front arms and paws too. Notice how the legs are facing in towards each other, this gives the tiger a very sweet, innocent look.
how to draw an anime tiger step 5


 For your last step all you have to do is draw in the tail, paw pads, and then inner ear detailing. When that is done you can draw, and color in the tiger stripes. Take your time so the stripes come out nice and bold. Before you color the stripes in, you might want to erase the mistakes and guides first.
how to draw an anime tiger step 6


 Here is what the end product comes out looking like when you're done, or close to it. Now you can color in your anime tiger so you have a completed drawing all together. Show people what you have done either in person, or by uploading your work!

Source :
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